Wednesday, 13 July 2011

bring out the star in you.

As i’ve mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of bath and shower products.

The Lux body wash collection is a must have in my bathroom. These products leave an amazing scent on your body after showering - and doesn’t fade once you get out.

My favorites are the Luminous Touch Body Wash, Tahitian Escape Exfoliating Body Wash and my newest fave Secret Bliss Body Wash.

And yet again, I sometimes break the rules of some products (i tend to find new ways of using products. It may be bad, but it turns out oh-so-good!)

A few good friends (and even a few strangers, while i’ve been out and about!) have complimented me on the amazing ‘strawberry nesquik’ or ‘cherry’ scent that i seem to be carrying around. And where does this scent come from?

Rubbing a bit of Secret Bliss onto me before leaving the house. My little secret ;)

Seriously. Rub a bit of this onto your arms, onto your neck, onto anywhere! And you will smell ahhh-mazing! Trust me. Try it out! Just make sure you only put a little, because otherwise it will start to lather. But the smell lasts forever. I did it hours ago - i can still smell it. Otherwise use it the traditional way. Lather it up on a shower puff for an amazing scented shower, or put a few drops in a running hot bath.

The Luminous Touch product is also amazing (this one you’ll prrobably only want to use in the shower) It leaves your skin with an amazing glow thanks to skin illuminators and shea cream.

And the exfoliating scrub? What can i say - even the name is irrisistable!

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