Sunday, 31 July 2011

Product of the day!

I am so excited to have this product in my hand!

24 hour wear cream gel liner made to enhance the color of your eyes.

So this one is for my blue eyes. It comes in a pack of three and contains three different colors: blue, brown and black.

The colors have a hint of blue shimmer throughout them, which is so pretty.

Above you can see the slight blue shimmer coming through the different colors.
(Apologies for the out of focus swatches!)

The formula is nice and creamy and glides on really easily, to create whatever kind of line you're aiming for. Personally I wear a crisp thin line, winged out at the side and this liner was perfect for me to get that look.

The three colors allow you to play up your look (the blue), go for a more natural shade (the brown) or have that pretty dramatic black color.

I wore these out on the weekend using the black on my top lash line and the brown on my lower lash line and was really happy with the results.

The liner stayed put the whole night and I didn't find the need to reapply.

The pots easily snap apart for your convenience (easy for sticking a certain color in your handbag for on-the-go touch ups) and are easily restacked for stylish storing (I prefer to keep mine stacked or they will become lost in my ever-growing drawers of products!).

The liner is a 24 hour formula - water resistant and smudge proof.


Physicians Formula products are stocked in Kmart, Priceline and Terry White Chemists, or you can check it out online at

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