Wednesday, 13 July 2011

what i'm using - foundations

I like to break the rules a lot when it comes to beauty products - to me, it’s all about finding something that works for me.

So when i comes to foundations my process may seem like alot and honestly, it probably seems a little odd to everyone. He He He. But this is just what i do.

The first product i’m going to mention is Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in classic beige.
(note, the one in this picture isnt classic beige. But since it’s 2.30am and i’m typing this from bed, this is the closest picture Google could supply me with. I’m 100% sure that the classic beige number is 201.)

This product has ‘up to 12 hours natural shine control’ with chamomile (a friendly little flower ingredient known for its soothing properties) to help calm and clarify. It also contains no talc, oil, parabens or fragrance.
The next product I use is Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Makeup in Natural Beige.

This product withstands heat, humidity and sweat. It doesn’t transfer, doesn’t rub off, is oil free and doesn’t clog pores.

Now to be honest, because of my method of… ‘foundation wearing’ i can’t really tell if it actually does these things. So if anyone does use it, let me know if it does what it claims to do!

So what do I do with these two foundations? Mix them together of course! What other wacky thing would I do?! ;)

Please don’t ask me why. Because it’s just something I do from time to time with foundations. I don’t know if it does or if it’s my over-active imagination - but i think it gives me a better coverage. I find that mixing two together, gives me a little boost of “all my blemishes are covered!” even though really, it’s probably just clogging me up and giving me more. He He He. But we won’t think about that for the moment!

So here is my process (please excuse the horrible photos taken by my iphone!):

1. Put down a dab of the Stay Matte foundation.

2. Next to it, add a dab of the Super Stay foundation (a smaller amount then the one pictured… it came out so quick and before I knew it i had half the bottle poured out..)

3. Mix it up using some kind of household item - for this one i chose to use a broken bobby pin ;)

4. (this is an extra step using ‘all about glo’ illuminating lotion) Add in some kind of illuminating lotion.

5. Mix it up again! I find this extra step adds an amazing little hint of glow :)

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