Thursday, 15 September 2011

What's on my nails? 15/09/11

Today I am wearing this little beauty on my nails.

A gorgeous pastel blue, this polish is one of my favourite colors that I own.

The shade is 'Gimme Gimme A Man' by Chi Chi.

I have noticed a few reviews that have commented on the amount of coats needed for a good color, and how easily the formula chips.

I did have to apply a few coats in order to get a streak free good color build up, but I would have to do the same amount of coats with quite a few of the polishes I own.

I haven't noticed my color chipping away easily.
The color has stayed put for 3 days so far and still looks as good as new!

This is the perfect color for the warmer weather especially after I have a bit of color to my skin. It looks amazing against a tan!
(Fake, of course. Sun tanning is a no no, girls!)

I have noticed my bottle getting a bit gloppy/thick, which gets this product one less star in my rating book.

Want to add a little extra to your look?

For something a little different I decided to line the tips of my nails using a white precision polish.

You could do this with any kind of white decorating polish.

Or if your hand is steady enough, try out any normal white polish you have

(just make sure the brush isn't too thick. The thinner the better! That way you can build up the line as much as you need.

After applying the polish, I then applied L'oreal Liner French Precision along the tips of the nails to mimic a french manicure look.

The brush of this polish is angled which allows you to draw a nice smooth line along the tips of the nails.

It takes a little bit of practice, but you will soon get the hang of it :)

See the video below for a tiny little demonstration of how I did it!

I picked this gorgeous color up at Target.

Chi Chi is sold in a range of locations, so keep your eye out when you're browsing around in a nail polish section next!

The white Loreal liner came as part of a french manicure pack.

You can view more information here. 

Loreal products can be found at Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W, Myers, Coles and various chemists.

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