Saturday, 22 October 2011

KMS California Free Shape Shampoo + Conditioner

If you're currently on the search for some great, inexpensive hair products these beauties are a good place to start - especially if you're like me and constantly torturing your hair with heat appliances (naughty me!)

The FreeShape shampoo and conditioner are some of KMS California's newest release products.

The freeshape shampoo is designed to increase manageability, pliability and helps to prep your hair for heat styling.

The formula is creamy and thick and gave a really nice lather.

My hair washing routine involves me using the shampoo twice.
After I've lathered it up and rinsed it off, I repeat the step. Some shampoo brands can really leave my hair feeling dry after doing this, but the freeshape shampoo left it still feeling soft and clean.

The conditioner also helps prep the hair for heat styling by smoothing hair cuticles.

After leaving this on my hair for a few minutes and then rinsing, my hair felt gorgeous and soft.

Both products have a gorgeous floral scent which leaves hair smelling amazing.

You can watch a video on how the FreeShape products work below

You can get KMS products from various salons, so make sure you check out your nearest salon next time your nearby.

There are also a range of online stores which are stocking KMS products.
My currently favourite is - you'll love the free shipping!

You can also check out the entire range of KMS products here.

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