Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Spoil yourself


Who ever said that you need a man to have an amazing Valentines day?

Celebrate yourself with these heart-worthy presents that I've discovered, and treat yourself.

I instantly fell in love with the cute design of these earrings. Crafted from aluminium and iron with glass beading. Featuring a heart shaped design surrounded by multi-coloured glass beads. With a bullet back fastening.
So fun and cute!
$16.22 from Asos

Image 1 of ASOS Body With Sequin Heart

I love this one so much that I had to get one for myself.
But don't be fooled, this funky heart-top might not be for everyone.
Instead of your regular singlet top, this is actually a 'body'.
What is a body? Picture a ballet leotard or your mums one bit swimsuit - but much more funky (and wearable...). They are perfect for achieving that 'tucked into jeans' look!
$48.66 from Asos.

Image 1 of Oasis Love Heart Scarf

I'm a little sad that summer will eventually disappear. But this scarf would easily bring a smile to my face no matter how low the temperature!
Pure wool - pure happiness!
$24.33 from Asos.

Image 1 of Oh My Love 60 s Lace Shift Dress With Fringed Sleeves

Need I even say anything?
A lace finish, a scooped neckline, a short A-line cut and sheer cropped bell sleeves with fringed cuffs.
$38.93 from Asos.

Image 1 of Pixi Glow Tinker Bell Magic Tink Tint Lip Gloss
Show your lips a little love with this gorgeous Magic Tint Lip Gloss from Pixi.
In the shade Happy Thoughts Pink, this gloss is part of the limited edition Tinker Bell collection. Inspired by crushed berries and featuring a nourishing gel formula, the lip tint glides onto the lips and then adapts to pH levels, to create your own personalised pink tint.
How cool is that!
$16.22 from Asos.

Image 2 of ASOS Pom Pom Cozy Socks

Pom Pom Cozy Socks!
This cute socks with have your tootsies feeling warm any time you need it :)
They are the cutest.
$8.11 from Asos.

Image 1 of Numph Cat T-Shirt

More of an animal lover?
This gorgeous cat singlet could be perfect for you!
I love the bow design on the front.
$35.68 from Asos.

How will you celebrate Valentines this year?



  1. Some cute love heart items here. I really like that pink ASOS lace dress - so feminine and girly and one of my fave colours, pink!

  2. Someone went nuts on ASOS... lol.. some really cute items though!

  3. i love that lace dress! the sleeves are pretty unique :D
    love the blog xx

    1. Thankyou Linny :)

      I fell in love with the sleeves too! Just adds that little bit extra