Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mustard Peplum and White Jeans

What on earth does "peplum" mean, right? And why is it mustard?

Peplum items are becoming more and more popular and without even realising it, I've recently become part of the trend.

Whilst in a small, independent clothes store today I fell in love with an item that looks a little something like this...

...and 10 minutes later this little beauty was in my bag, heading out the door and I said hello to my first "mustard" purchase.

I'd seen these style of shirts and dresses out and about but I admit it wasn't until I got home to share these purchases with you guys, that I realised I didn't know what they were called.

So this is where today's word of the day comes in - Peplum.
This is a Peplum style top. It's flattering, girlie and flirty!

The waist is figure hugging, but then you've got the pretty "skirt" at the bottom 
(which hides any lumps, bumps or rolls)

I loved this one for not only the pretty mustard colour, but also it's cute little sleeves.

While I was shopping I also picked up a pair of white, distressed jeans - another new thing to add to my clothing collection.

I love the the detailing goes almost all the way to the end of the leg, rather than just having a small, distressed patch. It gives a really cool look :)

And finally, the last purchase of the day was this beautiful lipstick that I picked up from Chemist Warehouse. I told myself going in that I would only pick ONE beauty item and it was so hard to choose. There are so many bargains in there! But in the end I decided against buying my 80th foundation, and stuck with this Lasting Finish lippy from Rimmel in the shade 002 Candy.


  1. I have the same jeans!! Love them :)
    Where did you get that hot top and how much?? I want one! xox

    1. Hello!

      I got the top from a little store called Taste designs for I think $30-35.