Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Essence My Base

I've been quite excited to share this product with you guys. As you know, I've been having a little fun trying out the Essence range from my Target store. It never ceases to amaze me how affordable the products are, yet the quality of them are still quite good.

Essence My Base is an illuminating make-up base. 
This is actually one of two My Base products, the other one being a 'skin perfection' base - so keep an eye out for that when purchasing.

Used as a primer product, this base leaves a pretty sheen to the skin before you apply your foundation. I'm not really sure that illumination shows through the foundation (although other people have noted that they can really see the shimmer when they use the product)  - but it sure does look nice when it's applied to bare skin. Even testing it out on my hand in the store, I was in love. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I removed the cap and found that it had a pump-action top. It just makes life so much easier when you can easily dispense your desired amount of product without having to shake the life out of a bottle.

I think it does a nice job of boosting the staying time of my foundation. 
It works just as well as my other primers! (including my more expensive L'oreal Magique!)

The product itself is quite a pearly pink but it blends out nicely and just leaves a nice sheen.

I picked this product up for $7.00 at my local Target store.


  1. I love Essence products, they never break the bank :) that one looks awesome. Might have to check it out when I go to Target next

  2. I'm wondering which essence base would best suit my oily skin :)
    I try to stay away from shimmery things.
    I love essence :)

  3. Looks fabulous, sometimes the cheap products work just as well as the more expensive ones! I love Essence!

  4. I really want to try essence! I've heard some great things. The only other primer I have tried is Elf so I would love another cheapy to compare it to