Monday, 8 October 2012

Elixia BodyShaper

Cellulite is a major body concern with many women all over the world and I will be the first to admit that I've tried all types of different creams and scrubs to try and get rid of those annoying little lumps and bumps. 

Elixia BodyShaper is one of the newer cellulite creams on the market. 
But does it actually work and should you spend your money on it?

My simple answer is, yes!

This product is amazing in so many ways. The cream is a triple-action Tricellite Active formula which will help diminish the appearance of cellulite by up to 40% in  21 days. Although it sounds too good to be true this cream is simply magic and I really did notice a difference in my problem areas (back of the thighs and bum).

The cream helps to soften and smooth skin and there is a noticeable difference in appearance after several weeks of using. The way the formula has been made allows ingredients to be absorbed into the skin by up to 5 times greater than other products!

Hexadecapeptide 9604: this ingredient helps with the disappearance of cellulite

Forskolin: part of the mint and lavender family, Forskolin helps smooth and tone skin

Caffeine: assists with toning the appearance of the surface of the skin

Vitamin A and Vitamin K: helps minimise spider veins and a great antioxidant

Aloe Vera: Super soothing and hydrating!

Rice Bran Oil: hydrates, rebalances and protects skin

Reseveratrol: an anti-ageing antioxidant

Tocotrienols: protects skin from free radical damage

Retinol: skin resurfacing and assists with anti-ageing.

The cream has a gorgeous citrus scent which makes it nice to apply and you only need a small amount as it spreads easily over any problem areas. The website directs that no more than a 50cent sized amount is needed. Massage the cream into your problem areas twice a day but be careful to avoid any broken or freshly shaved skin.

The product absorbs quickly into the skin so there is no waiting time before dressing.

Like many other women around the world, I was quite sceptical of this product before using but even after just 1 week of use I began to see results and noticed a dramatic appearance in the texture of my skin after a few weeks of use. It has quickly replaced my usual moisturiser, as the ingredients in the formula are so hydrating and it feels so lightweight and fresh after applying.

Still not convinced? Read these amazing reviews from the members at Beauty Heaven! 

You can purchase this cream for $59 - which is a lot more than I would usually spend on body products but the results you get make it so worth it and soon you'll be hooked (like me and many others!)

Elixia BodyShaper is available from Myer stores, David Jones stores, Priceline, Terry White Pharmacies or online at

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  1. This really does sound great, I would love to try it. And as you say, I have also heard a lot of good things about the Elixia products.