Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nude By Nature Natural Mineral Cover

Usually when I take my weekly trip into Priceline I'm just in there for a casual look. But this time I was on a mission - my skin was oily, my foundation won't last and I needed help. Ten minutes later and I was sitting in the make-up chair with a beauty specialist hovering over me, applying what she thought would be the perfect fix.

Earlier I had explained that I was happy with using a powder to help with my oil problem, but I hated how most powders looked like they were sitting on top of the fine hairs on my face. The result was a cakey and visible finish. As you can imagine, I was skeptical when it was suggested that I try this mineral foundation. 

The Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation has been designed to be able to cover redness, pores and even birthmarks. It's super gentle so it's perfect for sensitive beauties to use! 

After the foundation was buffed into my skin I was handed the mirror - and I saw the fantastic results. The initial application was applied over foundation, which is perfectly okay. You can apply this over your concealer, BB cream or foundation for a little extra coverage. The coverage was beautiful and there was no cakey or visible finish. I was instantly in love.

I've since used the foundation both on it's own and over regular foundation as a concealer and I have loved the results in all ways. I find that this works fantastic under the eyes over my regular concealer and foundation routine - it adds a little extra coverage but doesn't skin into any fine lines that I have in that area.

To apply, just swirl your brush into the product and buff it into the skin in circular motions. My preferred use for this foundation is to apply it over my regular foundation routine on my oily areas such as nose, T-zone and forehead. I also sweep it under my eyes and over and problem areas. If you have large pores that still show through your foundation - just buff this in small circles over the problem areas to cover!

I use the Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush to apply (note - this does not come with the foundation). The brush is has super soft bristles and is a good quality, inexpensive brush.

The foundation is quite expensive at $39.95 but you will often find the Nude by Nature range on sale at Priceline.

To find out more, you can visit the Nude by Nature website by clicking here.

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  1. Very pretty :) I love this. It's a great non powdery option, since it's so light it doesn't even feel or look like a powder.