Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lash Lift

If you haven't heard of a lash lift, don't worry - neither had I until I stepped into my regular beauty salon for some much needed eyebrow maintenance where I noticed the new poster on the wall introducing the process of Lash Lifting.

Lash Lifting that defines and curls the lashes from the root. It's is suitable for nearly all lash types whether you have smaller lashes or longer lashes! The process is relatively quick, completely painless and seemed super easy for the beautician. The results last for 6-8 weeks and require little to no maintenance. 

The treatment began with me entering the treatment room with no eye makeup on. I was then asked to lie down on the waxing bed where my bottom lashes where covered. This is to make sure that the bottom lashes don't get caught up in the curling process - you don't want curly bottom lashes sticking into your eyes for the next 6-8 weeks.

Silicone pads where adhered to my eyelids and the beautician then began to stick my lashes up onto the silicone pads. This part can be the trickiest for the beautician and the part where you should really notice them taking their time to arrange and adhere the lashes to the silicone - you don't want to end up with clumping or crossed over lashes! I had the option to choose from 3 different curl sizes - the smaller the silicone pad, the bigger the curl. We decided that because my eyelashes are quite long, it would look amazing with a bigger curl.

The next steps involved the application some different gels that help to create the finished look. The entire process took roughly 30-45 minutes and I must admit, it was a little hard to keep my eyes closed the whole time and the perming gel smelt awful! However it was only on my lashes for 7 minutes and the end result is worth it. 

I chose to have my eyelashes tinted after the Lash Lift treatment and I would highly recommend this extra process for anyone thinking about getting theirs done. It just adds a little extra to the finished look. 

For the first 24 hours after having the Lash Lift there are a few things that I was asked to remember to rub my eyes, not to apply creams or mascara, not to use a sauna or facial steamer and don't go swimming. After the 24, you can do anything you wish to your newly curled lashes! 

You can see in my below photos how natural the process looks once completed. It's like I've curled and applied some mascara (with zero clumpiness! woo hoo!)

Have you heard of this process or had it done yourself? What did you think of the results?


  1. I'm so going to get this done! Do you mind sharing where you had it done?

    1. Hi Jen!

      I live in Melbourne and I had this done at my local beauty salon. You can try beauty salons around your local area and see if they are offering the service.


  2. It looks amazing!! I wonder if it would work on short straight lashes as well? Will have to look out for it here in Perth!

  3. i know they do this asia its really popular but i didn't get mine done since i thought my lashes where too thin but i might give it a go! could save them from curling them all the time!

  4. these look amazing; it really makes your eyes pop and look more defined
    btw i didnt know you were from melb :O! x

  5. Looks amazing! I'll have to look into getting this done too.

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  6. It looks great! I really want to try it now. How much did it cost you? :)

  7. that looks hot.
    what is the price?

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  9. I had this treatment done seven weeks ago and it was the worst thing I ever did!