Monday, 18 July 2011

Creams and lotions - what's the difference?

Knowing the difference between a lotion and a cream can be a little tricky, so here is a little infomation to help you when choosing what is best for you.

Body lotions and creams are useful for keeping skin hydrated and soft, but how do you decide when to use a lotion and when to use a cream?

are often used for a certain purpose;  for example tanning, firming, the treatment of skin disorders, anti-wrinkle etc. Mosturisation is part of a cream, but not usually it's sole purpose. They tend to have a thicker, dense formula but are very good at absorbing into the skin. Cream are often a good choice during the winter months.

 are used on large parts of the body and are absorbed
quickly and easily with the purpose of softening or hydrating skin. They tend to have more of a thin, liquid formula which makes the task of applying it to larger areas easier and allows it to be easier absorbed into the skin. They are often a popular choice during the warmer summer months as they having a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. Lotions are also best for those who have mild dry skin or for areas which contain more hair (such as the arms, or male chest)

Sometimes it can really just be a personal prefrence regarding which one you choose to use.

Always read the back label of the product you are using, as this explains how the product is to be used.

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