Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days

Soothing lotion with L-Bifidus

I picked this up from my supermarket last week whilst getting a few other goodies. It's promises drew me in.
Lasting hydration felt for up to seven days! How amazing does that sound?

Here is a little of what it says on the bottle:
Instensive 7 days soothing lotion is powered by L-Bifidus and naturally derived honey, specifically chosen for the moisture needs of dry, sensitive skin. Hydration is so intense that you will still feel it for up to seven days after the last application.

It is a hydrating anti-evaporation active, inspired by the probiotics in yoghurt. It helps optimise the skin's natural hydration reserve and supports your skin's natural protective barrier which creates the anti-evaporation effect to help maintain hydration for long amounts of time.

The anti-dryness honey comes from the nectar of the Faux Acacia tree and helps attract and hold moisture to soothe and protect skin against dryness.

I haven't been using this for quite seven days yet, but I have already started to notice a difference with the softness of the areas I have been applying it - my arms and my legs.

The formula is a light, thin, creamy lotion which allows it to be spread nicely over the areas that demand attention. It has a gorgeous scent that reminds me a little of soap, baby powder and honey.

I pop this on at night and find that I don't need to reapply it during the day as I my skin still feels nice until the next night. I find that the scent lingers around nicely also, which is a bonus!

A great moisturiser, with a small price tag.

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