Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Make Water Better!

You're probably wondering what on earth this little gadget is, right?

Well let me introduce the Water Bobble!

The 'bobble' is an eco-friendly water bottle that filters your water as your drink! (that crazy looking pink bit inside the bottle is the handy-dandy filter)

I came across this gorgeous little bottle in Officeworks and fell in love with it's quirky look and it's filtering handywork!

I am always spending money on buying water bottles, because I carry one with my everywhere! (if only I had a photo of the 50 million empty water bottles I found floating around on the floor in the backseat of my car...).

Now I'll save money because I have this lovely looking bottle to keep and carry with me, and I won't have to go buying other bottles. Plus, I'll always have fresh filtered tasting water on the go!

It's so simple! Amazing!

Picture taken from the Water Bobble website. See link down below.

I got mine from my local Officeworks store (see link here)

But you can also get them at the following stores (this is a list of Australian stores. See the Water Bobble website for a list of worldwide stores including UK and US!)

Genesis Gyms
Howards Storage World
Kitchen Warehouse
National Pharmacies
Peter's of Kensington
Robins Kitchen
Store the storage superstore

Or check out the Water Bobble website on

Happy drinking!

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  1. I was wondering where i could get one of these. I wish they made big 1.5 litre ones! (do they?) Thanks for sharing!