Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How gorgeous is Maybelline's new Fit Me range! I love the sleek new packaging so much.

I picked this little treat up at my local Priceline store for $18. I hadn't seen the new range before, but I had heard about it.

I tested it out in the store and I was immediately impressed.

The good thing about this new range is that it's simple to work out which products go along side each other.

For example, I picked up the foundation in the shade 125. Next time I'm looking for a new product, maybe a blush, I can just look for the other products that also display the number 125.

The foundation range has 18 different shades, which gives you a good chance of getting the right shade to suit your skin.

The formula is light-weight and creamy and gives a natural coverage without any 'caked-on' look. Plus it contains SPF 15, which is a nice little added bonus.

I really like this foundation. It blends in really well with my skin tone, and doesn't just sit on top like some other foundations do when applied to my skin.

It doesn't have any foundation smell to it when applied, which I really like. There is nothing worse than putting on a strong smelling foundation.

It feels lightweight when applied but it still gives a really nice full coverage, which it what I love in a foundation. I love being able to cover up the imperfections, but not actually being able to feel the makeup on your skin.

I have read a few reviews about this foundation being a little bit matte on skin that tends to be dry.
 My skin is quite okay at the moment in terms of hydration but sometimes I also tend to mix in a little moisturiser with my foundations anyway just to give it a little extra hydration and glow.

If you find that your dry skin isn't taking the foundation too well, try adding in a little of your favorite moisturiser. Or even a dab of highlighter/illuminser. It won't only make it a little easier to apply, you'll get a nice glow included.

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  1. thanks for your tip! I do have dry skin which sucks:( so Im always finding out ways to luminize my skin! xx