Friday, 22 July 2011

Summer Tan

Knowing how often I am looking for a good self-tanner, my friend bought me this for Christmas last year and I haven't looked at another since.

She bought it from her beauty salon, but you can also buy it online (i'll pop the website down below)

This tanner is seriously amazing. It's green based which means there is a really, really high chance it's not going to go orange. And it never has!

When first applied it comes out a really rich dark chocolate that kind of makes you panic and go 'oh no, what have I just done?' but once you start blending it into your skin it leaves a nice brownish sheen so you can lightly see where you are applying it. 

After about three hours you can apply another coat if you wish.

Once the application time has been and gone and you wash it off, it leaves the most amazing natural bronze color i've ever had from a fake tanner.

I'm always worried about the smell of fake tanners, but this one has the most amazing smell. It reminds me of baby powder or lotion.

If you are looking for an amazing self tanner, but havent been able to find one yet - I recommend this one.

The price is about $20 for the tan on it's own, but I would recommend getting the exfoliater (you've got to smell this one! It's so amazing and does a fantastic job at getting rid of those rough patches before you even think about getting a tan done...) and/or the face tanner.


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