Thursday, 14 July 2011

Online cosmetics shopping

Hi beauties,

I have a confession - I am a true shopaholic, so when I get to shop from the comfort of my own home (or bed!) I just can't resist.

Lately I've been searching around different sites for discount cosmetics, and I've stumbled across a few good sites I'd like to share with you girls.

Tanty Cosmetics

Tanty Cosmetics is a great little site that offers international brands, at a great price. The office is based in Melbourne, Victoria and they offer free shipping Australia wide. How amazing is that! They have a wide range of products such as NYX concealer jars ($9.95), Elf beauty book eyeshadows (13.95) and even a range of cosmetic brushes. Best of all, if you spend over $20 you get a special gift.

I've just ordered an Elf 'all over cover stick' in Apricot Beige. The cover stick is said to 'be ideal for camoflaging problem areas and as a facial concealer. Smooths and protects skin for an instantly beautiful flawless complexion.' I've never tried Elf cosmetics so I look forward to giving this a shot, as I'm quite a fan of stick foundations and concealers. Plus it's only $4.95 - and free postage. You can't go wrong with that :)

The website is

Cherry Culture

Cheery Culture describes themselves as the 'must shop' place for makeup lovers. They offer a massive range of cosmetics that are so, so cheap. They have 10 colour eyeshadows palettes for $1.95, Milani loose foundation powder for $7.95 and more! The only downside is the shipping cost. It's about $11 or $12, which can boost the total cost up quite a bit if you're purchasing a lot of items - so just keep your eye on that one :)

The website for this is

All Cosmetics Wholesale

The blurb on All Cosmetics Wholesale reads 'specializes in providing discount, high end cosmetics at wholesale and below wholesale pricing. As well as rare and hard to find items. We also carry AMAZING full line retail products. The products we provide are new and AUTHENTIC. Many of our discount items are shelf pull items therefore there may be some shop ware on the packaging.'

They have Benefit cosmetics on there for as little as $12.99, Bobbi Brown Concealers for $20, as well as Two Faced, MAC, Maybelline etc.

There are so many brands! Again, these cosmetics are cheap but please keep an eye out for the shopping costs - I think it's about $22 for this site.

The website for this one is

Crush Cosmetics

Crush Cosmetics is an Australian based company. They sell alot of brands that aren't avaliable in here at affordable prices. Their range isn't very big, but there are still a few good bargains sitting around the site.

What are your best online shopping stores?
Let me know in the comments below :)

Happy shopping!


  1. I'm going to check out Tanty cosmetics now :) I normally don't buy my cosmetics online but I can't resist those prices!

  2. Tanty would be my favorite out of all of them, because of the free shipping!

    Let me know what products you get and how they go! :)


  3. I would add Brigette's Boutique :) It's very similar to ACW plus they have a few extra brands...

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