Thursday, 14 July 2011

Supermarket shopping

Every couple of weeks I head off to my local Coles supermarket to do a little 'stock-up' on essential beauty/cosmetic items.

Here are a few of my must-have items that I always have on stock at home:

Shick Exacta 2
Precise shave for sensitive skin

I always have a few packets of these around. I keep one in the bathroom, and a few spares in my bedroom. I've been using these razors for such a long time. They give a really nice, close shave without cutting up my skin (which alot of close-shave razors do, as I have sensitive skin) and I love the little aloe vera strip.

I think it's about $5 or $6 for a pack of 5 razors.

Gilette Venus Disposables Spa Breeze
2 in 1 Razor in the scent of White Tea

I have been using these for a few months now, and I love them! You get two in a pack (as you can see i've already used one from this pack). Each razor has its own built in shave bar, which eliminates the need for shave cream or soap. Although, I do tend to still use soap with mine as I find it glides a little better.
Just make sure that your legs are super wet, and wet the razor really well before you begin.

These little beauties give a really good close shave, and they last for awhile. Make sure you store them somewhere dry, or the shave bars will end up goey and gross.
Did I mention they smell ah-maaaazing?

Mellor & Russel Magic Wax Mini Wax Strips
For the face and bikini line

I've only been using these for a short while, but it's something I have been making sure I have a few packets of. Each pack contains 36 mini wax strips, which I have only used on my face (upper lip). You just use them the same as your standard wax strips. They come in a single strip (see the photo below) which you just warm up between your hands before applying. The only downside is that the pack doesn't come with any wipes to remove the wax afterwards - but you can do this by using a cotton wool pad or a tissue dipped in baby oil. I like these as they are cheaper then the other brands avaliable, but they do just as good a job as the more expensive brands.

This is what the mini wax strip looks like. It's a single strip, with a green strip of wax down the centre. When peeled apart it becomes two seperate strips.

Mellor & Russell Magic Shave Gel
For beautiful, smooth legs

This is by the same brand as the Magic Wax Strips, and I've also only been using this for a short while. The gel is a pretty purple color (see below) and foams up quite nicely. It has a pleasent smell - nothing overpowering. I really like this gel. It's a cheaper alternative to the other brands avaliable, but as with the wax strips, it does the same job.

The gel is a pretty purple color when first applied.

Style Aromatheraphy Hydo Botanic Series Shower Gel in Romantic Pink Lotus
Enriched with Labrador Tea and Dead Sea Minerals

My mum bought this home after finding it on the clearance rack for a few dollars, and I just love it. It has a really fresh, clean scent that reminds me of the ocean.
I usually pop a few squirts of this into the bath, or just lather it up on the shower puff in the shower.

'The Pink Lotus, a symbol of beauty, purity and eternal life in ancient cultures, has been used through history to restore the body and resist the aging process. It is also valued for its remarkable soothing and perfuming properties.
Labrador Tea, growing in icy Greenland, is acclaimed for its amazing medicinal properties and for soothing sensitive skin and guarding it against the sun the effects of harmful environments.'

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

This is my ultimate favorite soap. It's feels so smooth and lathery and leaves my skin feeling hyrdated and soft, unlike a lot of soaps which leave my skin feeling tight and dry. It has a really nice clean scent that I love.

It's a little more expensive then other soaps, but I usually buy it in a double pack so it's about $6 for two. I think that's a pretty good deal. If I remember correctly, you can also get them in a four or six pack.

Palmolive Naturals Creamy Bar Soap
with mandarin extract

This is a nice little beauty that I've also been using recently. It lathers up really well, and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft. It has a really pretty fruity scent that isn't too powerful. You can get this in pink with a Pomegrante scent, but I find that one didn't lather as well as this one did.

I always have one of these sitting around for when I want a fruity change from my usual Dove soap. These are handy as they come in a pack of like ten.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion
with cocoa butter and vitamin e

The cocoa butter scent is so yummy, and lasts for ages! I apply it in the morning, and after things like showering and bathing (especially after shaving) and my skin feels amazing. Lately I've been pretty slack with it as I've been applying my new Natures Gate Asian Pear and Red Tea body lotion (see below in previous posts) so I've been adding a few squirts of this to a running bath for a little extra moisture. The bottle of this is pretty massive, so I don't often get this one because it lasts me forever!

Colgate MaxWhite One
Whiter teeth in one week

I love this stuff because it really works. I noticed a massive change with my teeth whilst using. It leaves my teeth feeling (and looking!) amazing.

Excuse my crumpled bottle in the photo, but down the bottom of the packaging there is a little 'whiteness' graph showing how white your teeth can actually be.

It works by removing stains and preventing tatar build-up. Continued use helps keep teeth whiter for longer.

White Glo Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste
Coffee and tea drinkers formula

I dont drink coffee or tea but I got this formula anyway (I think there is regular and a smokers forumla also) because I thought the 'extra strength' in it to remove coffee stains would be helpful. This is another toothpaste that works really well with whitening. This one I had been using for quite awhile before I discovered the Colgate MaxWhite One.

What products do you often buy from supermarkets?
Let me know in the comments below

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