Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Marzena Hair Lightener

Unfortunately for me I inherited my dads dark arm hairs.

It used to be a problem of mine for years during school. I always thought people could notice it, and I felt terribly unwomanly.

Then someone mentioned that I should try bleaching the hairs.

Marzena Hair Lightener has been a must-have for me ever since.

I love the bleach because it just disguises the hair, rather than removes it. So there is no dealing with regrowth and stubble and all those nasty things. Plus there is no pain, no nicks or cuts, it's inexpensive and you don't have to do it very often at all.

When you purchase a pack, you'll notice that there is two different tubes inside.

One is a tube of pink vitaliser cream and the other is a tube of white lightener cream.

You'll also notice you get a spatula and small plastic tub.

Make sure you follow the directions step by step, but basically you add an equal amount of each product into the plastic tub and mix.

You then apply the mixture with the spatula to the areas you wish to lighten.

I apply the mixture to the area below my elbows, where the hair occurs. There isn't any point applying it underneath as you don't really get much hair there and you'll mostly just be bleaching skin.

Make sure you cover the hair well and leave it on there for 7 - 10 minutes or until the hair is as light as you want it (max time is 30 minutes.

The mixture washes off easily with water, but I always use a little bit of soap just to make sure I haven't left any behind.

Afterwards you'll notice that the hairs are now blonde and are blending in perfectly (and unnoticeably!) into your skin tone.

No more dark, embarrassing arms!

(Always make sure you do a test patch when first trying out the product, as it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin)

This has really been an amazing product for me.
I've tried a few other brands, but I find myself always returning to this brand.

The smell isn't overpowering like some other bleaches, it's minimal mess and really easy to apply.

The product is also suitable for use on the face (for example, the upper lip)

 I pick mine up from Priceline but you can also get it online here for $9.99
(note: it's listed on there as cream bleach)

If you're not familiar with using bleach, remember this: bleaching can temporarily discolor the skin by removing a surface layer of pigmentation. Marzena Hair Lightener, developed specifically for the body, is very effective in lightening hair with minimal alteration of skin color.


  1. I have tried other body hair bleach but never this one. Since the warmer months are upon us, i think its time to tackle the arm and thigh fuzz! Although, as im getting older it doesnt bother me as much as it did years back... Hmm strange!

  2. I always get so excited finding other aussies ! I really wanna check this out now that summer isnt too far away !

    please come and check out my huge giveaway,

    S xx

  3. I'm too lazy to bleach my arm hair so just shave them every 2 or 3 days. I never get stubble as I don't let it grow that long and have never had any ingrowns - plus shaving removes any dry dead skin so that's the method that I prefer.

    I too inherited my dad's dark arm hair and it used to bother me a lot as a teenager even though no one ever said anything (I usually covered up). Now i've been shaving for years it's second nature. Seeing dark arm hair on women always makes me feel a bit yuck.