Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Miss Dejour Tampons

Miss Dejour is a company bringing style to the way you carry your tampons.

The tampons come in two varieties - regular and super. And each box contains two super handy (and cute!) ziplock bags containing 8 tampons in your choice of size. The ziplock bags provide the perfect way to keep your tampons secure, without lugging around a big noticeable 'oh my god you have tampons' kind of box.

If someone sees this floating around in your bag (males especially) they're not going to know what they contain.

Above you can see the gorgeous style of regular tampon. This comes in a nice pink shade and features the cute lady graphic on each individual tampon. The tampons themselves are easy to use, and have that easy 'twist' packaging.

The super tampons come in this pretty blue shade and feature the same 'twist' packaging and stylish lady graphic on each individual tampon.

Having your period doesn't have to be a complete drag. Chuck some of these in your handbag and brighten up your day when you go to reach for one of your little lady products.

Check out your Priceline, supermarkets and places such as Target and Kmart to see if your local places stock the Miss Dejour collection. Otherwise, jump onto www.missdejour.com.au, and request a sample :)

How do you store your tampons in your handbag?
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  1. These are so cute haha! i just requested a sample, thanks :)