Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara

Today I introduce the Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon Mascara.

I took one look at it's packaging and fell in love instantly. It's so chic and gorgeous. But that's not the only thing to fall in love with.

This mascara has a plastic silicone brush which helps to fan out lashes, and give a nice curl, length and volume.

The formula is smudge proof, waster proof, sweat resistant and doesn't flake.

The mascara is unique as it creates tubes around your lashes. This helps lengthen and volumise them as you use it.

Best of all, this little good is paraben and fragrance free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, alcohol free and SLS (soap) free. Yay! Healthy lashes for us all :) Perfect for those with sensitive eyes and contacts.

I found that this mascara lasted all day, but it was still easy to remove at night. Some of my other mascaras I literally have to scrub at to remove them.

I didn't notice any clumping, which was fantastic. I have very long lashes naturally, and they tend to clump very easily with some mascaras.

I've passed this one around to the ladies in my family - my mother and my sister, and they've become quite a fan of it too. So if you have someone looking for a great mascara, suggest they try it out.

You can check out the mascara online at the Mirenesse site by clicking here.

Have you tried a Mirenesse product?
What's your fave?

Happy lashes!


  1. Ohh I'm definately in the market for a new mascara, this sounds lovely! I have never tried a mascara that is free of all the icky ingredients...

  2. never tried this brand, but i'll definitely look into it now :)