Monday, 8 August 2011

Natio Wellness Body Scrub

Natio is a brand that I was introduced to a few years ago when I received the Natio Body Gloss for a Christmas present (Another amazing product. Keep your eyes out for a review on that one!) but I never really ventured out and tried out other members of the Natio collection.

So today I introduce you to the Natio Wellness Body Scrub. A lovely looking tub of exfoliating goodness for the whole body.

The Wellness Body Scrub has a soft grainy texture much like other exfoliators. It contains goodies such as Apricot Seed and Pomegranate which both work together to gently buff away your dead skin cells and promote new skin cell production. The result is nice, glowing, healthy looking skin.

The exfoliants are gentle and okay for use on sensitive skin. Be sure to do a patch test before use, just in case.

You can smell the delicious Apricot scent as soon as you open the jar. Yummy!

I've been using this on my legs mostly, to help avoid ingrown hairs and it seems to be doing a good job at that.

My skin feels really soft after using it, and I just love the lingering scent.

I picked mine up from my local Chemist Warehouse for a bit cheaper than normal (I think it was about $15). Check out places like Priceline or anywhere that stocks the Natio range. You can also check it out online here.

What's your best exfoliater?
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Happy scrubbing!

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