Monday, 8 August 2011

Lush Floating Island

Floating island is a luxury bath melt from Lush.

It has a gorgeous vanilla scent with a hint of lemon; a really relaxing combination.

Floating island will float gently around in the bath, dissolving slowly. As it disolves it turns the water and your skin into smooth, soft luxury.

My skin felt so soft during and after the bath. The scent doesn't linger on the skin, but it still smells amazing while you're soaking.

See below for a short video

This product is quite big, so it's a good one to cut in half and save one for another time (i was too excited to use mine, so I just went ahead and threw the whole thing in without even thinking of splitting it!), or using little bits to cocktail in with other products.

Please note: My bath seems quite milky because I added a few other products into it. The floating island does leave quite a good creamy foam though.
The other products I added was a sprinkle of Billie Goat Soap Milk Bath (see review here) and a dash of Bathox Dry Skin (see review here)

Head into your nearest Lush store or check out it out online here.
I picked this one up at the Lush store for $8.50

Have you used Floating Island?
What did you think?

Happy soaping!

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