Monday, 1 August 2011

Billie Goat Soap Milk Bath


This product appealed to me straight away.

Firstly because I am a big, big fan of my bubble bath and all things that can be put into it. And secondly because I am also a big fan of milk products.

Mine is in a gorgeous Apricot Freesia and smelt delicious as soon as I opened it. The smell lasted throughout my whole bath and left my skin with a pretty slight fruity scent.

The texture of the bath milk before it goes into the water reminds me a little of bread crumbs with small bits of Apricot spread throughout. The 'crystals' desolved quickly and my bath felt so amazing when I got in.

The milk bath contains goodies sich as goats milk and cocoa butter, so I'm not suprised it didn't dry out my skin or leave me with anything nasty. Just a pretty scent and gorgeous feeling skin :)

The milk bath is $15.95 and you can find out what places stock Billie Goat Soap here.

Combine your bath milk with a bar of the Billie Goat Soap (read more here) for extra soft skin and a really relaxing bath!

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