Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lush Haul

I headed down to Chadstone Shopping Centre (Melbourne, Victoria) today and took a trip into the Lush store to get some goodies.

Lush is a gorgeous company that produce handmade beauty products such as sops, perfumes, bath/shower products, hair products etc.

Lush invents their own products, making them fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging and using only fresh organic vegetarian ingredients. 

Each product is unique in shape and coloring. But they all have one thing in common - the amazing scents!

You can read more here.

The first product I picked up is The Godmother soap.

The Godmother soap has an amazing smell to it - fun, youthful but sexy at the same time. I would describe it as a candy-type scent. And it lasts on your skin for quite awhile after using, which is one quality that is hard to find with some scented soaps. If you've smelt and loved the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, you'll love this one too.

It lathers up quite nicely and the soap itself will last you quite a long time too.

I got a 114g block, which is a decent sized block as you can see from the photo above. I will cut this in half and save the other for another time.

The 114g block cost me $7.92

My next product is Floating Island

Floating Island is a Luxury Bath Melt.

These can either be placed under a running tap in the bath, or dropped into a pre-running bath for a slower bath melt experience.

The scent comes from it's lemon oil and sandalwood formula. Delicious!

It floats around in your bath (hence the name) until it dissolves completely. And when it does dissolve, your skin feels so amazingly soft.

This is one you'll want to use when you have the time to soak up as much in that bathtub as you can.

The Floating Island was $8.50

The next one I got is the Ambrosia Shaving Cream

I went into the Lush store seeking some advice for my shaving rash/bumps/redness problem and they highly recommended this product.

The formula contains oat milk, linseed, chamomile and honey water to soothe and soften skin whilst you shave.

The lovely girl who helped me uses this on her legs, and she said it works wonders. It has a creamy texture and doesn't foam - but spreads easily onto the skin and the bottle will last you a long, long time.

I haven't given this one a go yet - but keep your eyes peeled for a review after I have given it a few goes!

The bottle of Ambrosia cost $20.50

Now moving on to Twilight

This bath bomb looks so cute, I wish I could just have it on display. It looks and smells too good to use!

The scent is an amazing lavender smell that I fell in love with instantly. But it isn't your traditional lavender smell, so don't panic that you will come out smelling like your grandmother. It's a really unique smell - so calming! Perfect for before bedtime.

Users beware, this product contains sparkles. But that just adds to the magic of it.

I recommend this one. You'll love the color changes, scent and the way it leaves your skin feeling.

I got this one for $5.95

The last product I picked up is Sakura

Sakura is a bath ballistic. Just drop it into a bath for an amazing smelling 'fizzing' experience.

This product has the scent of mimosa and jasmine, inspired by the joys of Springtime.

The scent lingers on your skin afterwards and leaves your skin feeling great.

Slow dissolving to give you a great smelling bath.

I got this one for $6.75

I also got a little sample tub of Dream Cream which the girls chucked into the bag after I consulted with them about my shaving issues. Dream cream is a hand and body lotion designed to calm irritations, reduce redness and banish blotches. It contains goodies such as Chamomile and lavender and a whole bunch of essential oils.

People are always raving about this lotion, so I am excited to give this one a go. If my Ambrosia cream doesn't help my situation, this is the next product that was recommended. And this one has worked wonders for other people with sensitive skin issues.

The formula is creamy, but lightweight and has a light pretty scent.

It's cooling and hydrating and is amazing on all kinds of skin situations or just as a really amazing moisturiser!

The only downside to this lotion is the price. The full-sized product is $28.95, but if my sample is as amazing as people say then I will be tempted to buy the full tub.

Ask your Lush sales person which products combine well together. Sometimes adding one product in with another is magic!

To find your nearest Lush store click here for the store finder.

Alternatively, you can buy online!

Have you used these products before?
Which one is your favorite?
Comment below.

Happy Lushing! xo

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  1. I love Mrs Whippy. I just wish they made it into a perfume.