Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Product of the day!

I found this product a long time ago and thought it sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot.

The overnight spot patches contain Grape Seed and Tea Tree. These ingredients soothe and heal the skin, helping you get rid of those nasty red pimples.

The patches are clear oval shapes. Peel an oval shape off the backing. You will notice one side is sticky. Place the sticky side over the offending pimple. Make sure to completely cover the pimple with the oval. Also try your hardest not to touch or let anything come in contact with the sticky side of the oval, other than you skin.

Each box contains 4 individually packed sachets (see above) and each of these sachets have 21 single use clear ovals on them. So there is plenty of pimple-banishing power to last you a long time.

Make sure you put the ovals onto freshly washed skin, for them to be able to work their magic to their full extent.

In the morning, just gently remove the ovals. You will notice a reduction in redness and size and the pimple will sometimes even vanish completely. I've noticed that sometimes my larger pimples will require maybe two applications of an oval (two nights). 

The photo above shows just how well they blend into the skin. Apart from the light gleen, you wouldn't even be able to tell it was on my skin.

It can feel a little odd first, going to sleep with a face full of clear ovals. But at least they aren't that noticeable, right?

Make sure you check that you have totally removed ALL the ovals before stepping out of the house. I have on occasion gone through a whole day, only to realise I had a bunch of ovals still stuck to my face that I hadn't seen because they were so well blended onto my face.

I usually purchase mine from Priceline, but my new pack I found in my local Target store. To find your nearest stockist click here.

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