Monday, 15 August 2011

Paparazzi Perfect HD Blush

This blush is part of the Australis Paparazzi Perfect collection, which contains various high def products specially designed for camera flash environments (parties, special occasions, weddings - anywhere where there is bound to be a camera moment). These products create a nice makeup look in any kind of light.

Today I am talking about my Paparazzi Perfect HD Blush in the color Flash It.

Flash it is a pretty mixture of beige, pink and brown. The mixture of colors allows you to customise your own shades of blush, to suit your own complexion. How neat is that!

For example, I can pay extra attention to the brown color for a more 'tanned' style of blush. Or I can make sure I swoop around in the pinks for a pretty pink colored cheek. There are so many possibilities.

The blush formula has light reflecting properties, which will play a massive part in looking perfect for those photos. It also contains goodies such as Jojoba and Grape seed oil - which will help look in moisture and soothe your skin.

The blush comes in 3 other different colors:

Shoot to thrill: A blend of pinks including bright, light and coral.
Poser: A blend of cream, medium brown and light brown.
Screen siren: A blend of light brown, peach and light plum.

I really like this blush. I was impressed with the whole idea of being able to customise the way the blush is going to appear on my skin.
The gorgeous colors are nicely pigmented, and I love that it contains a couple of goodies for your skin. The color 'Flash It' contains a highlighter in the mixture of colors, so you also get a really nice glow when you apply it.

Just be aware that a little goes a long way with this blush. It's super pigmented so too much and you could end up going for the 'clown' look. Start of with small amounts and build up from there.

I picked this up for $9 at my local Big W store (on sale! Hoorah!).
The regular price is $12.95, which is pretty cheap for this quality of blush.

You can also find this and the rest of the Paparazzi range at Priceline, Kmart and Target.

Check out the Australis website here.

Happy blushing!

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