Sunday, 14 August 2011

Getting perfect false lashes using 'Ardell' products

Getting your false eyelashes perfect can be a bit tricky sometimes.
But I am about to show you a brand that makes things a little easier - and leaves you with natural looking lashes for any occasion.

The first step is the actual lashes. Choosing what lashes you apply can be an important step in the whole process. Where will you be wearing the lashes? Are you going for a natural look or is this for an occasion such as a party or wedding?

You don't really want to turn up to a wedding with party-style drag queen lashes that are so long they reach past your eyebrows!

My occasion is a dress up party, so I am using a type of lash that is a little longer but this style still looks quite natural when applied. Parties are a fun time to experiment around with different types of lashes.

These are the false eyelashes that I applied (102 Demi Black). These eyelashes are 'glamour' style and perfect for occasions such as weddings, parties, holidays etc as they still have that natural lash look.

You can check out the Ardell range of lashes by clicking here.

The process of applying lashes is simple, but it can take a bit of practice to get the hang of it.

(if you find that you are style having trouble with how to apply, you can watch a short instructional video here)

To apply my lashes I used the Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive.

I found this adhesive to be really simple and easy to use. The brush was perfect at applying the adhesive to the lash and there was no sticky mess. The adhesive is also clear, so you don't end up with that gluggy white glue that some other brands provide.

The small brush also made it easy to reapply adhesive to the lashes after being applied, if needed.

The product I used was the Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara.

A must have for lash wearers. Blends natural lashes to faux ones so they are virtually undetectable. Adds definition without the caked on look.

I've never used a blending mascara with my false lashes before. I've used regular mascara, but the end result can sometimes be clumpy or end up ruining the hard work you've done to apply the lashes.

The blending mascara worked beautifully. People at the party I attended were surprised when I told them I was wearing fake lashes, as they really were undetectable.

The mascara wont add length or thickness to your false lashes. It's simply designed to blend your natural lashes to the false ones. And because it's not adding thickness or length, the lashes remain clump free when this is applied. Yay!
Check out the Ardell website on for more information :)

 When do you like to put on some falsies?

After you have applied your lashes, run some black liner across your eyes. This will blend the lashes into your natural ones ever more, as it disguises the false lash line.

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