Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sukin Australian Natural Skincare Shampoo + Conditioner

Being a fan of the Sukin skincare range, I was excited when I saw the new haircare range in stores.

I picked up the shampoo and conditioner. The two that I purchased aren't from the same hair collection, as they were the only ones left on sale on the shelf.

I first picked up the Everyday/Normal Hair Purifying Shampoo

The haircare products are all sulphate and paraben free. They also contain no animal derivatives, petro-chemicals, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and triethanolamine.

The shampoo contains natural goodies such as aloe vera, nettle, horsetail and burdock - perfect for if you have any sensitive scalp problems.

I really love the strong, floral scent of these products.

The shampoo didn't lather very well at first, which was a bit disappointing. I prefer a thick, creamy lather. However, I did work out that if you apply a small amount and rinse, then apply the proper amount and give it a second wash - it will create a better lather.

I wouldn't recommend this shampoo if you have dry, brittle hair.
Although it did a good job of cleaning my hair, it did seem to leave my hair feeling dry and fluffy.

I enjoyed using this conditioner.

It has the same pretty, floral scent as the shampoo (although not as strong)

This particular bottle that I picked up is the Protein conditioner for fine/limp hair - both of which my hair is not.

The formula isn't particularly thick or creamy, but it it did a really nice job of conditioning my hair and left it feeling amazing.

If you're curious about giving either of these a go, I would recommend this conditioner.

I picked these bottles up on special at Chemist Warehouse.

To find your closest stockists, visit the website here.
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  1. I've also tried the shampoo and wasn't too fond of it. I think the shampoo is also too thick for the packaging that they use since it takes forever to pump it out. Disappointing, but i've found that I love another natural aussie brand in Priceline called U Little Beauty. I got their volume shampoo and it's awesome - the matching conditioner is as thin as milk though.