Friday, 11 November 2011

Rexona Women Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

This amazing invention has become a necessity in my daily beauty routine. Amidst the lotions, creams, cosmetics and hair products, my Rexona Clinical Protection has gained the important place of my number one deodorant.

This product has clinical strength wetness and odour protection. It’s like a superhero for your pits! Saving the day from heavy sweating (or any sweating for that matter!), this deodorant has proven to be extra effective against that unwanted underarm wetness.

Whilst offering a massive 48 hours of protection, the deodorant itself smells amazing and will last you a long time.

The instructions are to apply two clicks of this product to underarms before bed. Then just wake up and go on with your day sweat free!

The current one I am using is part of the fragrance collection and has a really pretty floral scent (I can’t seem to find a name as I have misplaced the packaging – but for those who are interested it comes in purple packaging).

There are a few other brands around at the moment that are the same concept, but so far Rexona is the one I am loving and will probably continue to use until someone convinces me otherwise.

The deodorant is much more expensive than others. Rather than paying $3 or $4 for your regular roll/spray on product, you will be looking at paying around $15. Although the price tag may be much larger usual, you will find the product lasts for awhile (mine lasts me easily for a month, and sometimes more!) and the benefits make it so worth it.

You can pick these up from all over the place. The easiest would be to check out your local supermarket next time you are wandering down the aisles.

If anyone has tried any other similar products in different brands, I would love to know what you thought. I am yet to try the Dove one but would like to know what it is like as I am quite a big Dove fan. Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Before I switched to natural, this was the deodorant i used (non scented). I liked it because it worked really well and you don't need to apply it after your shower in the morning, which means no white marks on my clothes :)

  2. I use this. I'm on my second one now and it's so worth it! It works and last ages.
    The interesting thing is the first one I used, the deodorant was white but this second one it's a pinkish colour. Same bottle and scent just the contents have changed colour.

  3. It may be anti-perspirants can solve your excessive sweating problems. Despite its limitations, they are a relatively safe, cheap and easy option. Even if you have the advantage, brands, applications and other experiments.