Friday, 16 December 2011

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

This is a product that I've taken a quick glance at whilst walking by but it has never been something that I've picked up and thought 'i MUST buy this'.

So recently I've given the Cetaphil Ultra Advance Daily Hydrating Lotion a trial to see how it actually goes on my skin.

The lotion is formulated for dry to very dry skin.

I tend to get very dry skin around the warmer weather, not especially because of the sun but also because of air conditioning. Every time I jump into my car during Summer, on goes that air con straight into my face.

It's the same around Winter, when I am always blasting myself with heaters.

This product is clinically proven to keep skin hydrated and protected for a massive 24 hours.

It's fine for those sensitive beauties and is even gentle enough for use on babies.

I love using this on my face instead of the moisturiser I have been using, and my skin feels fantastic.

And I can still feel that gorgeous soft skin in the morning when I wake up.

It is definitely a moisturiser that is really suited for my skin type.

It doesn't block my pores or break me out at all which is a must with any of my skin products.

It doesn't have a scent, which is really nice (as much as I love scented products!) because if you're like me and applying it to the face, there is nothing worse than having an overly scented lotion spread across that area when you are sleeping.

You can pick this lotion up at a range of places like Priceline and Chemist Warehouse but to see stockists in your area you can click this link.

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