Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Slip Slop Slap your way into Summer this year

With the start of Summer rolling in, I thought it would be fitting to do a short sun smart post.

It was quite shocking to learn that 1 in 3 cancer cases are preventable.

Skin cancer occurs when the cells that make up our skin are damaged, and grow abnormally.

When skin is exposed to UV radiation the structure and function of our skin cells change.

Over time, this damage becomes permanent and each time the damage will worsen.

By living a sun-smart lifestyle, your chances of developing skin cancer can be significantly reduced.

To find out about the different types of skin cancers click here.

Being sun smart doesn't have to be a chore, and simply adding a few simple steps to your daily routine (including your morning beauty routine!) could be a life saver.

When the UV index reaches 3 and above, it's time to pay attention to these easy steps:

Wear protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

Wear a hat - you can find so many stylish options these days, so you don't have to be caught out in your daggy wide brimmed school-looking hats.

When possible, stick to shady areas.

Keep a pair of sunglasses on hand for when that glare becomes a little too harsh for your peepers.

And finally, sunscreen.

Now I will be the first to admit that getting into the routine of applying sunscreen everyday (and yes, even on those cloudy days...) can be a difficult task.

I've found that using sunscreens that are moisturising means I can skip my usual plain morning body moisturiser and replace it with my sunscreen instead.

Here are a few of my current favorite sunscreen products

Le Tan SPF 30+ Coconut Lotion: This smells so, so amazing. If you love that beachy coconut smell - you'll be dying to lather this all over yourself.

This sunscreen is SPF 30+ which means it will be giving you great coverage from harmful rays.

It's 4 hours water resistant and doesn't leave any kind of greasy feeling after you've applied it to the skin.

This stuff really is amazing and it's perfect if you feel that putting on sunscreen every day is a chore.

You can check out the Le Tan Coconut range here.

I picked mine up for about $11 at my local supermarket.

Banana Boat Every Day Sunscreen: You're probably all familiar with this brand. This sunscreen is SPF30+ fragrance free and has goodies such as aloe vera and Vitamin E so it's perfect for any sensitive skinned beauties.

This one is also 4 hours water resistant and absorbs quickly into the skin after being applied.

It has your typical sunscreen smell but that fades soon after and your skin feels really soft after it has been applied.

Banana Boat Faces Sunscreen: This sunscreen is a SPF30+ lotion light enough for the face and neck.

It is oil-free and I have never had any breakouts whilst using this product.

This provides 30 times your skins natural sunburn protection! Pretty amazing, huh!

This is another sunscreen that is 4 hours water resistant which is handy for when you're down at the beach or nearby the pool.

You can check out the Banana Boat website here.

There is an amazing amount of sun protection products out there, so there isn't any excuse left for not taking the steps to ensure that you're protected.

What are your best sun protection tips or products?


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  2. I always use invisible zinc. Every. Single. Day. I also try to make sure my lip products have an SPF too - we always forget about our lips! :)