Monday, 16 January 2012

Keep it fluffy - Lush Bath Ballistic


This gorgeous smelling product is a Lush Bath Ballistic.

It has a lingering vanilla and jasmine scent which you will be smelling even after you get out of the bath.

When placed into the bath the ball beings to froth and fill your bath, leaving behind and amazing scented bath which left my skin feeling silky soft.

At $5.50 this is so inexpensive and a perfect product to try out if you're new to Lush.

This was one of the first items that I tried and now I always make sure to get another when I return for other items.

You can check out Keep it fluffy at your nearest Lush store or online here.


  1. Looks nice! I'll have to pick up one of those next time I go shopping. :)

  2. I love their bath products. My favourite is "think pink" :)