Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Your skin is like an elephant, it never forgets.

Dear 16 year old me

"Dear 16-year-old me, helping spread this message is how you honor Glenna’s memory. At 16 she’s already an incredible lifeguard, she loves the sun, and the beach, and tanning, but she just doesn’t know. She’ll be diagnosed when she’s 22 and will lose her her battle when she’s just 26.
I want you to know because it’s melanoma that’s gonna take the strongest man you know, your best friend and the love of your life."

Dear 16-year-old me, I do realise you’re not actually going to see this, but someone else will and it’ll make a difference to them.


  1. That was scary! Never knew such young people could get it :( Definitely will wear that sunscreen from now on even if it is greasy

  2. This video always makes me feel bad :(
    I'm getting a lot better with my sunscreen and use i a lot more often now :)