Tuesday, 14 February 2012

BYS Platinum nail enamel


Today I am going to show you two gorgeous nail enamel shades from the BYS Platinum range.

This recently released range adds a pretty touch of glamour to any look.

The collection features four different shades - Metallic Silver, Antique Gold, Buried Treasure and Golden Lustre.

They range in coverage with Golden Lustre providing a subtle, pretty sheen to your nails, whereas Buried Treasure will give you a more full-on coverage.

The first shade that I have is Golden Lustre.

This is a really pretty shade.

It's very sheer so it's perfect for those that don't like a whole lot going on, in terms of nail polish but it still gives a subtle hint of gold shimmer and sparkle.

It's also perfect for layering over another shade.

The formula dries quite quickly and the colour is buildable so you can have it as sheer of full coverage as you desire.

The next shade is my favourite out of the two, Antique Gold.

This beautiful shimmering gold has more coverage than the previous shade, and is perfect if you like some gold bling upon your nails.

You can also notice the silver tones throughout this shade which I find quite pretty.

These two shades are perfect for layering!

(excuse me for not having photos of them applied to my nails - I haven't had my acrylics filled in yet, so it didn't look very attractive on camera! But stayed tuned for a 'what's on my nails' post soon)

Each polish is a very inexpensive $4.95.

Do you wear BYS nail enamels?



  1. I like bys nail polish, it cheap and not bad quality. This one looks really nice, I'm interested to see what it looks like on nails!!

  2. I have a few bys nail polishes. I tried the crackle and that peeled off right away but the other polishes are good.

  3. Have not tried this brand - do you know if this is better than Ulta3?

    1. Hi! BYS are good if you just want something cheap. They have their good and bad shades. However, I do think that Ulta is a bit better quality.

    2. Oh thanks. I might pick up one next time I see it and give it a go :)