Monday, 13 February 2012

L'oreal Studio Secrets Duo Blush Sculptant


I hate to have a negative review on a product, but it's a beauty bloggers duty to tell their 100% honest opinion on a reviewed product.

The combination of this products pretty pink and brown drew me in instantly when choosing from the L'oreal Studio Secrets range.

The sleek packaging contains both a blush and a contour in a handy one-stop pack.

Although the colours look quite nice, I was immediately disappointed when I went to use them for the first time.

Both the blush and contour hardly showed up onto my skin when applied, even after packing the colour on quite a few times.

The product is meant to be able to apply the blush and contour in one easy stroke.

The shade is number 70, which I just realised is for 'light skin' - perhaps that is why the shade is very light. 

In the above photo you can see that I have applied the blush and then the contour shade underneath

The packaging features a separate compartment that holds a mirror and a small brush to apply the product.

At $27.95, this is not a product that I will be looking at repurchasing.


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