Monday, 13 February 2012

Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator


I've been meaning to try these products out since their launch, but I only just recently had a chance to pick some up on my latest hunt through Priceline.

These two gorgeous products form part of Face Of Australia's limited edition Mineral Therapy Illuminator collection.

The collection features four different shades for the face and body, each giving you a light-reflecting sheen where ever you choose to apply it.

The products contains goodies for the skin such as Jojoba and Vitamin C and E which helps protect and nourish your skin.

From the collection I decided to pick Angel Flame and Angel Mist.

Angel Flame is a beautiful rose colour which I have been using as a cream blush. Some days I have been applying it over the top of an already applied blush, just for a bit of extra colour. But I have also been using this on it's own and I've been very happy with both results.

The product is quite thin and runny (yet somehow thick...if that makes sense!) so watch out when you first open your tube.

A little bit goes a very long way, so you won't need as much as I have applied in the photo above.

You can see the pretty shimmery sheen once I've blended the product out.
The tube advises that all these products can be blended in with your foundation. I haven't tried it yet with the Angel Flame because I'm a little unsure about how the rose colour will go mixed in with my foundation colour. But if you've given it a try, let me know how it turned out!

This next shade that I picked out is Angel Mist.

I really loved this one! 

I use this as a highlighter (cheeks, cupids bow, brow bone etc)
but I've also tested this one mixed in with my foundation and I found it gave a really pretty glow to my skin.

The frosted colour it gives off is just so pretty!

Once blended, the product gives off a really subtle glow to the skin. 

I'm really impressed with these products and I can't wait to take a look at the other shades eventually.

At $14.95 they are very affordable and the tubes are going to last me quite a long time.

And for those sensitive skinned beauties, these products are also suitable for your use :)

Swatches photo taken from the Face of Australia website.

Don't forget that these products aren't just limited to your face.
Apply a small amount to parts of the body which you want to draw attention to - collar bones, cleavage or your arms! (for best results use Angel Mist or Angel Blush)

You can even use Angel Glow as a temporary tan or bronzer!

To find out more information, visit the Face of Australia website by clicking here.

Have you given these products a try?
What did you think? Comment below!


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  1. I was looking at these yesterday in priceline. I am thinking of getting the Angel Flame. It looks so pretty. Great review :)