Monday, 6 February 2012

Jewelery storage!


Being a jewelery fanatic, I often struggle with ideas on how to store my items.

For Christmas I received this amazing box, and it has been a life saver and the perfect storage solution for my bits and pieces.

(it's not big enough to hold my whole collection, but it helps with keeping some of it under control!)

This jewelery box is from Target.

In the photo above you will notice how the lid opens up to expose a number of small compartments.
These compartments are where I choose to store all my larger earrings.
There are also two ring storage areas, a mirror, a pocket to keep assorted items in and in the very back there is a hidden compartment that you will see in the next photo.

The jewelery box has three drawers.

The very bottom drawer is perfect for stud earrings or for more ring space.

The next drawer up is made up of more compartments, where I like to keep different necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

And finally the last of the three drawers contains more larger compartments, where I like to store chunkier bracelets.

And you don't have to worry about friends or family being able to get their hands on your precious items, as you also get a set of keys to help keep your belongings secure!

You can pick up one of these jewelery boxes for roughly $50 from your nearest Target store - but keep a look out, as Target is always having sales on their jewelery boxes so you may be able to pick one up cheaper.

How are you storing your jewelery?
Comment below!



  1. Oooh I absolutely love this jewellery box but imagine it is quite big. I hardly have any space on my dresser table as it is!

  2. I love it! I'm so sick of seeing small jewellery boxes, this one is nice and big. I need heaps of space. I've got loads of jewellery and tend not to use it all because it's stored away in all different stupid containers. I'll check target out. Hopefully I can find this one or something similar.