Sunday, 5 February 2012

Makeup storage idea #2 - Jars.


I've been busy catching up with all my blog posts today, and before I signed off I wanted to quickly share this easy and fast little storage tip.

Throughout my living space I have a variety of jars.

Small, big, pretty, plain, long, fat - you name it, I have it.

Jars are an amazing way to keep your beauty related things organised.

This pretty little jar is one that lives on my beauty counter in the bathroom.

I picked it up from a local $2 store and it is now home to my pretty-in-pink cotton buds!

(note to self - buy more cotton buds...)
Have you got spare jars sitting around your house? Make the most of them!

Use them to store items such as soaps and cotton pads.

You can even decorate them to suit your living spaces.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for how I am currently storing my jewelery :)


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  1. What a pretty jar! I need ideas about storing my jewellery, I'll check out your other post.