Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mirenesse Cheeky Blush


The Mirenesse Long-lasting Cheeky Blush made up of crushed natural minerals which help create a healthy glow for any skin tone.
The formula is water resistant and is packed full of antioxidants, free from fragrance and contains no parabens or talc.

The shade that I wear is #2 - Russian Rose.

Russian Rose is a gorgeous pink color made to flatter every skin tone.

I love the gorgeous, natural flush is gives to my cheeks - and after the very first time I wore it, it has quickly become my everyday blush.

It's best to start of with a light application and build as you wish, as too much on your brush can be a little over powering. 
Russian Rose under the bathroom light.

Russian Rose in a more natural daylight.
The Cheeky Blushes also come in two other colors:

At $29.95, these blushes are a little expensive.
The container is comes in is a small 2.5g and from the picture below you can see the comparison next to a regular Australian 50c coin.

So keep in mind that for the $30, the product you get is quite small.

However, I have been using mine every day for many months and I have only just started to hit pan.

So I have been getting a large amount of use out of this.

You can check out the website by clicking here.



  1. Great pictures :) I have a love hate relationship with their products. I either think it is amazing, or terrible. It's so odd.

    1. I'm a bit the same.

      I've used a few of their foundations and found that I loved them.

      However the mascara I used, I wasn't a fan and ended up giving it away.