Monday, 27 February 2012

Kiss Nail Dress


Don't have time to get your nails done professionally? Or are you like me, and end up smudging your polish 2 seconds after you've ever so carefully applied it?

Maybe you've been dreaming of different patterns, but just can't seem to recreate them yourself.

Never fear, stick-on nail designs are here!

I know there are quite a few brands of stick-on nail designs around now, but recently I picked up a design from the brand Kiss.

The design I chose is number 28 which is one of their many jewelled strips.

Lasting up to 10 days, these strips are the answer to all your nail design woes.

The designs come with an inbuilt top coat, so you don't need to worry about applying your own. They are also usable on your toe nails so you can mix and match you're own co ordinations between hands and feet! 

They are super easy to apply. When you remove the sheets from the packaging, hold the sheet above the nail you are applying the design to. The shape that best fits your nail will be the design you will use for that finger. Remember to apply the design with the curved edge near your cuticle. 

Once you've found the best fit for your first nail, peel the design off the sheet and apply it to the nail. Smooth the stick onto the nail and press down for a few seconds. 

There is no need to go hunting for your nail file, as there is one included for you inside the packet. Once you have smoothed out and lumps and bumps, you're ready to file the sticker down to match the length of your nail. The photo to the left shows the sticker before any filing has been done.

The next step is to fold the edge over where your nail ends. This helps you to know where you should begin filing.

Once you have folded the edge over, take your file and begin filing along the end of your nail and the folded edge of the sticker. 

Keep filing until the overhanging part of the sticker is completely removed and you are just left with your gorgeous new nail design. Be sure to remove any jagged edges so that you have a nice, smooth edge. 

Each package comes with 28 stickers in 14 different sizes. The sizes are designed to fit most nail shapes, so there shouldn't be any worry about whether these stickers can be applied to your nails.

These strips are such a cute, easy and inexpensive way to spice up your nails.

To check out the other designs, click here to visit the Kiss lookbook page.

I picked this packet up from Priceline for about $13.

Have you used stick-on nail designs before?



  1. looks very pretty!! yup i am exactly like you i smudge my nails really quick, right now i have like 3 or 4 nails smudged i cbb too much effort

  2. Hi votrabelle,
    How long did you find these lasted on your nails? Can't wait to try them!

  3. They are very pretty! It's only been the pricetag that has kept me from overindulging!