Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lighten up, darling!

Are you like me and have sadly been cursed with what I like to call 'man arms'? 
The main symptom of man arms is dark, noticeable hair on the arms.
Suffering from this condition can also bring about large feelings of self-consciousness. 

My man arms were passed on to me by my Father. One little gift I wish he could have kept to himself. My man arm symptoms are not extreme by any means, so if you're picturing my face on a gorilla body - it's time to reel that imagination of yours back in.

My arm hairs are a little darker than I'd like them to be, but it's also a personal thing as no one else can actually notice unless I really point it out to them. But because I have to be the one to 'wear' these darkened hairs everyday, I like to make sure that when I happen to glance down at my arms I'm not greeted with a feeling of despair when all I see is 'man' staring back at me. 

I know that a lot of girls out there take measures with arm hair such as waxing or shaving.
I don't really see the need with my case to go to those lengths, so the next best option for me is bleaching.

Body hair bleaching doesn't take the hair away, but lightens it so it blends with the skin tone and becomes less noticeable. It's fast, quick, painless and inexpensive. However, it's also messy, a little smelly and the depending on the individual - results can sometimes be short lived. But put all that aside, and this method is perfect for womanly looking arms.

Choose your preferred brand of bleach. There are many different varieties available and some use different techniques to others. I have tried some that involve mixing powders. The brand that I have always used is the Marzena Hair Lightener For the Face and Body. It's so easy to use and I am able to quickly get it from my Priceline when I need it. I think it usually costs me around $10, but it does last more than one application.

For this example I will be working with the Marzena Hair Lightener. Remove the two cream tubes from the packet. You'll notice one is white and the other is pink. 

Squirt the desired amount of the first tube into the provided plastic tub.

The same amount of the second tube should then be added into the plastic tub. Make sure there are equal quantities of each product in there.
   Quickly mix the two formulas together until properly blended.
  Apply the the arms (or other desired area) evenly and wait for the specified amount of time. In this case the amount of time is 7-10 minutes. And then rinse with water and soap. 

Once you have washed the product off, you will notice how the hairs are now less noticeable. You may notice some slight bleaching of the skin but that doesn't last very long and you'll find it's back to normal very quickly. Make sure you always read the instructions and warnings carefully before you begin. 

How do you remove unsightly hair?


  1. I will recommend waxing or hair removal cream any time! I have a real hatred for arm hair or people who leave hair on their fingers/toes :S
    Look at this photo of Alyssa Milano!

  2. I got blessed with Dad's hairy man arms as well. I wax it off :)

    However I honestly never thought of bleaching, it's a great idea!