Friday, 23 March 2012

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic

Everything about this bath ballistic is simply gorgeous.
The multi-toned ball is covered in gorgeous shades of pinks and purples and is topped off with a small pink rose in the centre. 

The Lush sticker describes this product as the
And they're not wrong. The gorgeous, girly fragrance and hot pink and purple water is the perfect recipe for feeling fab.

The ball has plenty of goodies as usual. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are known as aphrodisiac oils and are sure to make you feel like you're a goddess. 

This one didn't leave my skin feeling as soft as the previous products I've shown, but I just enjoyed the smell and the brightness of the water. 

The only thing I was a little confused about was the little 'left over' that it left floating around in my bath. I know Lush products often have fun little surprises hidden inside, but I wasn't quite sure what to make of this one. It was obviously the rose from the top, but I'm unsure if it eventually dissolves into the water, or it just remains floating around my bath like the little jelly blob I found it as. Either way, I tried different things with it (including mashing it into my skin with the hopes that it would be some kind of moisturising jelly...), but I still haven't figured it out.

You can pick up the Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic from your nearest Lush store or online for $6.75
To visit the website click here.

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  1. Lush has one of the best bath bombs but shockingly I've never come across this one before!