Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Youngblood Luminous Crème Blush

The Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush is one of the newest products to hit shelves.
This product is a mineral blush and gives a pretty pop of shimmering colour. 

Now when I say 'shimmering', I don't mean you're going to end up with cheeks that resemble disco balls. The shimmer in this product is really subtle and sheer, so it gives you more of a glow rather than a glitter.

This product is made from all natural ingredients, so it's safe for those sensitive beauties out there. I love that it has goodies such as Vitamin C and E, Allantoin (an anti-irritant) and Jojoba Esters which will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Creme blushes can also be used as a highlighter, which can come in handy! 

I found the colour to be quite strong, so make sure that you apply softly and build your shade if you're not happy. 

Below is an example of the blush first applied without any blending.

You can see how strong the colour is on a first application. The shade I am using is Tropical Glow which I would describe as a peach tone. Although it looks quite thick and pigmented on the first application, you can see in this next photo that the product really blends in nicely and leaves a subtle pop of colour on the skin. 

There are three other shades that you can purchase:

Champagne Life - a pretty taupe colour
Taffeta - a girlie, bubblegum pink and
Rose Quartz - I would describe this as a more purplish/plum pink, however the website describes this shade as "petal pink"

To apply either use a synthetic foundation brush, or use your fingers like I do and apply the product to the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards. 

I won't lie, these blushes are quite pricey at $44 - however, I've been so happy with the quality of Youngblood products so far so I would be more than happy to splurge on one of these (especially that Taffeta one, I've got my eye on that next!)

You can check out the Youngblood website by clicking here.

Which shade do you like the look of?


  1. Very nice, I am a big fan of YB products and I think I need to look into this! I like the look of Tropical Glow, followed by Champagne Life.

  2. I like the pink shade too as pink blush suits me best. Tropical Glow is also pretty.

  3. I definitely want to try out Youngblood but it's just too expensive for me. :'(