Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Revlon ColorStay Makeup

I recently went into Priceline in the hopes of finding a new foundation love.
This new foundation needed to tick a few boxes in order for it to be considered. 

After speaking to a sales worker there, we decided that the best foundation for me to try was the Revlon ColorStay foundation. I was a little hesitant at first, as my usual foundations are on the lower end of the price scale compared to this foundation which set me back $37.95. 

The shade I am currently wearing is 220 Natural Beige.
I found this foundation to be okay. It hasn't become my favourite, but it is still quite nice to use. The formula is quite thick, but it does have a good coverage which I like.

I tend to feel this foundation sitting on my face sometimes, so I don't really agree with it's claims to feel lightweight on the skin. Some days I find it can look a little cakey and heavy so for this reason this foundation hasn't become my daily go-to product. 

I've read quite a few mixed reviews about this foundation. Most love it, some find it a little less appealing. I would suggest trying a sample out if you can before you splurge the money and purchase.
Below you can see that the foundation has blended quite nicely on the skin. The freckles on my skin seem less noticeable and the overall skin tone seems more even.

The range has quite a few shades, so you are likely to find one that matches you perfectly!
The formula also has quite a bit of scent to it, so if you're not a fan of applying products to the face with a noticeable smell then steer clear (it's not an 'unpleasant' smell. It's just noticeable!)

Although this ticked my boxes, I don't think this is a foundation I will be purchasing again.

Have you tried the ColorStay Foundation? What did you think?


  1. i just bought this too! after hearing people rave about it.
    havent had the chance to try it yet,
    but i bought a stippling brush to apply it with,
    so i'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

    1. I'm interested to know how it goes! I use mine with a stippling brush also. It was okay for awhile, but I think it started to break my skin out or something.


    2. aww really ?? :( i cant say anything about long term,
      just tried it for the first time last night.
      i thought it was actually pretty good ! it wasnt at all
      sticky after aplication, kinda like it had dried or set,
      which impressed me. i felt like i only needed setting powder on my nose.

      i started with a really small amount to see how natural it
      could look, and it went sort of airbrush.
      i liked that it could be a thin layer and still have coverage. the more i put on however, the less good it looked.

      as for long-lasting wear - i think it survived nicely.
      even after rain, and my guy friends playing with my face etc.

      not sure if id buy again, i guess i'll decide after the bottle is empty.
      I saw another one in the revlon range though, that was ''colourstay natural'' or something. in a small pump bottle.
      would be interesting to see that one too.

  2. I've tried if and use It for my heavy coverage make up ie. stage make up. I found it too heavy for daily use and it made me break out. My mum has better luck with it though!

  3. I haven't tried it and I don't think I want to now. I hate that heavy feeling, I'm so fussy - good coverage but lightweight lol!

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