Sunday, 4 March 2012

Using a stippling brush


If you haven't yet jumped on the stippling brush bandwagon, you're not alone. 
Until a few months ago, I myself hadn't yet caught on to this foundation routine technique. I'd seen countless reviews, how-to's and Youtube video's on the joys of stippling, but until I took a leap and purchased my first brush I never really knew what I was actually missing out on.

What is a stippling brush?

Stippling is a technique used to apply various types of product. For me, the stippling brush's sole purpose is to apply my liquid foundation.

Stippling is a fantastic way of applying foundation as when you're finished you'll find you're left with a gorgeous airbrushed finish. A stippling brush's bristles are thinner at the ends which helps product to be absorbed into the thicker part of the brush. As you stipple the brush around your face, the foundation is slowly released, and the thin hairs help evenly distribute it onto the face without leaving clumps or distinctive brush marks. 

The one that I recently purchased features the common black and white bristles. These bristles are usually a combination of natural hair (such as goat) and synthetic/nylon bristles which are the ones that will be used to pick up the product.

How do I apply foundation with a stippling brush?

1. Start of with a clean and moisturised face. At this stage, I like to apply my primer first to help create a flawless skin canvas and to help my foundation stay in place for longer. You can also apply your concealer at this step if you wish, depending on whether you apply it before or after your foundation.

2. Apply a small amount of your chosen product to a clean surface such as the back of your hand.

2. Take your stippling brush and lightly dab the bristles into the product that you have just applied to the back of your hand or other surface. 

3. Choose a section on your face to start applying the foundation. It's best to not go crazy and start stippling the life out of your face. Start slowly in one area and gradually spread out to the different areas of your face. I generally like to start on the cheek area on the left side of my face. 

4. Begin stippling (or 'patting') the chosen area of your face. Once you've covered that area, begin moving onto the next section until you've covered the entire face. 

5. Finish with your usual routine such as applying powder, blush and mascara.

The brush I am using is shown above and is from Modelsprefer. It cost about $17 and I picked it up from my local Priceline store. I love the gorgeous metallic colour of the handle and I find the bristles to be really soft and the brush works really well with picking up the product and evenly distributing it onto my face.

 Below is a quick example of how to stipple an area of your face. 

How do you apply your foundation?



  1. I also apply it with the stippling brush. Been doing it that way for a few years now and I really prefer it to any other technique. x

  2. I've just started using foundation and just apply it with either my fingers or a damp sponge. I did buy a foundation brush but I'm not sure that I'll use it!

  3. I have tried applying liquid foundation with a brush before but I didn't like the results therefore I went back to using my fingers which I find to be much faster than using a brush, easier (since I don't have another brush I don't need to wash) and I find that the warmth of my skin helps distribute the product :)
    But so many people have spoken about how great brushes are, maybe I just need to find the right brush :)

  4. I usually use a foundation brush but I have just purchased a stippling brush online and can't wait to try it out! So glad I read your article on how to do it best!

    Congratulations on making the ABA shortlist, btw! :)


  5. I love stippling brushes, they work better than anything i've ever tried

  6. Modelsprefer brushes are amazing value, I will have to pick this one up and try stippling, always been interested, thanks for the post.
    Congrats on being shortlisted in the Beauty Heaven Blogstar Awards! :)

  7. I have never thought to use one either! I only just recently bought a liquid foundation brush. Thanks for sharing tips on how it works :) Good luck for the BlogStar Awards!

  8. Its been a year since Im using Stipple from Inglot & its made foundation application quick and easy as I prefer light coverage.

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  10. should try this brush too.
    never used before.