Friday, 13 April 2012

Magneffect Magnetic Nail Polish

If you're a fan of nail polish and ways of creating different nail polish designs - then you're going to LOVE what I am about to show you.

Today I am introducing you to a new little beauty called the Magneffect Magnetic Nail Polish which has been created by a company called Layla Cosmetics.

This product is so much fun to use! And it's so simple to do!

All you have to do is apply a generous coat of the nail polish to the nail.
While it's still wet, hold the lid of the bottle over the nail polish for 5 to 10 seconds.
When you remove the lid, you will notice the pattern has changed!

To change up the look of your pattern, simply change the direction that the marked line on the cap is facing. 

I found the formula to have a very quick drying time, which is a must for me because I am simply hopeless with not being able to touch things after I've just freshly painted my nails.

There are a heap of shades to choose from. I am currently wearing shade 14 - Sparkling Champagne, which is a pretty bronze color. 
When the magnetic lid is applied, it comes up with lighter, silver stripes.

You can pick these up from Price Attack stores for $20, which is quite expensive but very much worth it. 

Below is a quick video of how it all works 
(excuse my poor excuse for a nail polish application!)


  1. very cool !!!
    and like the background music for the vid too

  2. I have two of these in purple and green them! Wish Layla would come up with more magnets, including the star shaped ones!