Thursday, 12 April 2012

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eye Eraser

Finding a good concealer can be hard. With so many different brands out there all claiming to help hide anything unsightly from your skin, it's really a case of trial and error with regards to finding the one that works perfectly for you.

This Maybelline concealer has been one of my favourites for a little while and has never failed to cover those little imperfections on a daily basis. 

The first thing that I love about this product it's how easy it is to use! You don't need to worry about brushes or sponges. The product features a handy sponge tip. 

A few quick twists of the red section and the product is dispersed into the sponge and is ready for application for any area of the skin. 

I find this concealer works perfectly to disguise any darkness under the eyes and does just as good a job of disguising imperfections such as redness and pimples.

The formula has plenty of goodies for the skin. Essentials oils and Vitamin C will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. It also contains Goji Berry extract which has anti-inflammatory properties. 

I am currently wearing the shade 20 Light Pale.

I picked this product up from Priceline for about $18 or $19. 
It sounds a little expensive, but a little bit of this product goes a long way so it's going to last you awhile.
Sometimes a few clicks on the cap will leave me with enough product in the sponge to last me a few applications. 

Do you use a concealer?

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  1. Yes, I do use a concealer as I need it for my dark circles under my eyes, and I find that the Maybelline concealers do a fantastic job!