Friday, 29 June 2012

BYS Minerals Naturale Eyeshadow

BYS has recently launched a new mineral collection of cosmetics. 
The products are perfect for all skin types and it has a large range of different items such as bronzers, blushers, foundations and eyeshadows.

I recently gave two of the eyeshadows a go and I can happily report that they are just gorgeous.

The products are can be tailored to the look you are going for - whether it be intense colour, or a more smoky effect. 
There are 10 different shades to choose from in the eyeshadow range.

The first shade I have is this beautiful purple colour, Amethyst.

And this green shade, Envy.

These eyeshadows can be purchased for $7.95


  1. OOH That's exciting! I haven't seen them yet :)
    They look nice :)
    I'm not too fond of BYS eyeshadows from my past experience but I'll definitely try these :)

  2. These colours are so pretty!i agree with sheri i havent really been a fan in the past but these might change my mind! i subbed,great blog :)