Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fountain Cosmetics

Recently I tried a few products from the brand, Fountain Cosmetics.
I'd previously never heard of the brand but after playing around with their skincare products I can honestly say that I am impressed - particularly with their moisture range.

There are a range of different products for different purposes. Cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers and serums. I found the quality of the products to be fantastic and they really have a "I've just been at the day spa and had a facial" kind of feel. 

My favourite product was Total Moisture. 

Total Moisture is a fantastic product for those with dry skin. It's very hydrating and has been designed to prevent and treat premature skin ageing and dryness. This product had a very interesting ingredient that may have some mixed feelings from users. The ingredients in Total Moisture will help plump and firm your skin. It also helps fight the effects of UV exposure and boost collagen production. The product also contains... Snake Venom. Yep, that's right. The snake venom in this moisturiser reduces muscle movement that causes facial lines. It sounds extreme but I promise it doesn't do anything crazy and it wasn't like I had inserted Botox into my face. Since I don't really have a need for any ageing treatments I loved this product mostly because of it's hydrating properties and would continue to use just for those. I could really feel a difference in my skins hydration levels the next morning. A 700ml tube of Total Moisture is $78 while the 50ml is $55.

Another great moisturiser is Actual Moisture. This product is suitable for those beauties whose skin that tends to get a little oily. It has plenty of anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanical extracts. Plus it contains Grape Stem Cells and Argan oil. These ingredients all help to improve the look and feel of your skin while helping to reduce greasiness! 
A 100ml tube of Actual Moisture is $62 while the 50ml tube is $45.

There is a third moisture product from Fountain Cosmetics that I had a play with, Ideal Moisture.

This moisturiser felt lightweight when applied but really helped put the moisture back into my skin. It's designed for normal to oily skin and contains heaps of goodies like apple, rose stem cells and Argan Oil (That's right, it's not just good for your hair!). The ingredients in the moisturiser help to protect, nourish, soften and smooth the skin. A 100ml tube of Ideal Moisture is $68 while the smaller 50ml tube is $48

You can view the Fountain Cosmetics skincare range by clicking The products are not artificially coloured or fragranced. Make sure you check out the other brands on the website to snap up some other great goodies!